Self Service Hotel System

This is a Microsoft Window and Linux integrated system. It interfaces with the Duralock electronic access control equipment installed in the doors of a Hotel to control guest access to Hotel rooms. It also provides EFTPOS facilities.

There are two different types of Microsoft Window clients, a frontdesk client and a self service client. The frontdesk client is operated by staff and allows reservations and manual checking in and checking out of guests, along with full EFTPOS facilities.

The self service client is a touch screen mounted outside the Hotel and is similar to a bank ATM. Guests can walk up to the self service client, request a room, specify the number of nights to stay and then swipe their credit or debit card. The self service client automatically performs the EFTPOS transfer of funds and then displays the allocated room number. The card used for the EFTPOS transaction will now open the hotel front door as well as the door to the room assigned to the guest.

If you do not need reservations, EFTPOS and self services facilities then take a look at either the SAHS or HLSI products.